Our Services

At SHC, our team of specialised designers and builders can provide you with services in all aspects of the building construction process, from the first draft of your new home design to the final council inspection and everything you need in between including:

Home Designs & Planning

We provide home design service. Call us for more details.

Building New Homes

We build home according to your given design. We also design home.

Maintenance & Repairs

We provide maintenance and repairs service according to your need.

Build Patios & Decks

We build patios and decks according to your design.

House Re-stumping

Extensions or Renovations

Conversions For Garage

Reconstruct / Build Retaining Walls

Building Consultation Services

Quotes On Existing Plans

Starlight Home Constructions Services

Starlight home constructions help you avoid four common construction problems

Delays In Buliding Time:

It’s quite common for building projects to overrun their scheduled timeframe. When you’re developing property, this can be extremely costly. At SHC, our systems are set up to ensure that overruns do not occur. We use sophisticated construction management software to schedule every element of construction and ensure that your project remains on track. This eliminates the guesswork and human error that can cause delays.

Avoiding Cost Blowouts :

As a developer, it’s very important that the construction cost in your feasibility study is the same as your actual construction cost. Every dollar out cuts deeper into your savings or deeper into your profit margin. SHC provides you with a written guarantee that the price quoted is the same price that you will pay for construction, so there are no nasty surprises. We do however, reserve the right to pass on any cost increases that are imposed by regulators such as the local Council, or if you change the project specifications midway through.

Uncompromising On Quality:

Time and cost are not the only factors. Lazy construction can lead to problems down the track by making your project difficult to sell or rent, or adding to your repair costs. Many of the “shortcuts” that builders can make are invisible because they are hidden behind walls or ceilings. Its only down the track that they become a problem. SHC adheres to strict internal & external building procedures, to ensure that the finished product looks great and is resistant to damage. We also encourage you to obtain an independent building inspection at the completion of the project to provide you with complete peace of mind that the job has been done to specification

Avoiding Poor Communications:

When you are building according to a strict timeline, you want to be kept up to date with developments to ensure that everything is on track. Unfortunately, many builders are less than communicative about progress, leaving you in the dark. SHC strives hard to provide you with a series of “info modules” that detail what is going on throughout the entire development process. These are supplemented with fortnightly photo and email updates. These regular updates keep you in the loop and confident that your project is proceeding as planned.